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The importance of keeping neighbours happy during a big construction project

Updated: Feb 9

The process of embarking on a significant construction project is more streamlined if you endeavour to keep your neighbours informed of the progress. At JRN Building Services, we understand the importance of maintaining bonds with clients’ neighbours, going above and beyond to foster positive relationships.

Open communication

The foundation of good neighbourly relations is open communication. Before the construction begins, we initiate conversations with neighbours, informing them about the project's scope, duration, and potential impacts. These meetings allow us to address any concerns, provide a detailed overview of the project timeline, and establish lines of communication. By involving neighbours early on, we create an environment of collaboration, understanding and shared expectations. 

Minimising disruptions

Big construction builds inevitably bring noise, dust, and increased activity. To minimise disruptions, we implement strategies such as scheduling noisy tasks during reasonable hours, using dust control measures, and ensuring construction vehicles don't obstruct access to neighbours' properties. Respecting the community's peace and keeping the construction site orderly is a priority.

Regular updates

Keeping neighbours informed throughout the construction process is crucial. We provide regular updates on project milestones, any deviations from the initial plan, and anticipated periods of increased activity. Despite careful planning, unforeseen issues may arise. In such cases, addressing neighbours' concerns promptly is essential. We have a dedicated point of contact for neighbours to report any issues, ensuring a swift and effective resolution. Proactive problem-solving maintains trust and goodwill within the community.

Going above and beyond

At the project's completion, we personally thank neighbours for their patience and cooperation during the build. This heartfelt thank-you, goes a long way in leaving a positive lasting impression.

At JRN Building Services, we pride ourselves not only on constructing exceptional spaces but also on creating a positive impact within the communities we serve. By keeping neighbours happy and going above and beyond, we contribute to the overall harmony of the neighbourhood.

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